Safety Training Compliance Kits

What Are Safety Training Compliance Kits?

These kits are a unique solution for your business.  It's more than just training - its a comprehensive product designed to give you everything you need on the subject.  The Compliance Kits include:

  • Safety Training PowerPoint® - Use as it is, or add your own pictures and text.  Can be used on a computer, projector, or printed out and used as handouts.
  • Safety Policy - A complete policy, provided in Microsoft Word®.  You can edit and customize as you need.
  • Training Documentation - Course outline, training roster, quiz and answer key, certificate of completion, wallet card templates, and more!
  • Forms - All the forms your business needs for the topic.  These may include confined space permits, hot work permits, or lockout tagout procedures. 

Access by Immediate Download

No waiting - these products can be downloaded as soon as they are purchased.  You can also request a copy in the mail.

Build you own Value Pack!  Order 4 or more Compliance Kits, and use the coupon code "value" for a 20% discount.

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