California Bloodborne Pathogens Training Compliance Kit

  • California Bloodborne Pathogens Training Compliance Kit

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Businesses with employees who are exposed to hazardous or potentially hazardous blood or bodily fluids must have a bloodborne pathogens program.  The California Bloodborne Pathogens Training Compliance Kit provides everything your business needs to start a BBP program and get compliant with regulations.  The kit includes a written Exposure Control Plan, Bloodborne Pathogens training materials, and dozens of necessary forms.

With this product you can:

  • Download it immediately.
  • Train & certify employees on bloodborne pathogen hazards.
  • Create an BBP exposure control plan.
  • Customize training materials to your facility.
  • Track sharps injuries.
  • Document your program.
  • Conduct weekly safety meetings on bloodborne pathogens.

California Blooborne Pathogens Compliance Kit Product Description

Product Contents

  • Bloodborne Pathogens PowerPoint® - A complete training presentation (about 45 slides) on bloodborne pathogens.  This can be customized to your business easily.  Use it on a computer, a projector, or print out and use as handouts.
  • BBP Exposure Control Plan - A written policy that covers the policy, procedures, and equipment in use at your facility.  This is provided in Microsoft Word®, and it can be edited.
  • Training Documentation - Everything you need for a BBP training event.  This includes training outline, quiz, answer key, certificate of completion, training rosters and evaluations, participant worksheets, and more.
  • BBP Forms - A large collection of bloodborne pathogen program forms.  Cleaning schedules, exposure incident forms, vaccination forms, sharps injury log, and safety rules.

Regulations Covered

  • California Code of Regulations - Subchapter 7, Group 16, Article 109, Section 5193 - Bloodborne Pathogens

Training Time

  • Classroom Training - 1-2 hours
  • Hands On - About an hour

Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!  If for any reason you are not satisfied, let us know within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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