Escape Respirators and SCSRs DVD

  • Escape Respirators and SCSRs DVD

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Escape respirators are a critical, life saving tool for any workers any potentially hazardous atmospheres.  Escape respirators give employees time to reach safety when that escape alarm is sounded.  The Escape Respirators and SCSRs DVD will teach employees about escape respirators, how to select appropriate devices, and how to use them properly.

Escape Respirator and SCRS DVD Description


  • Introducing the escape respirator
  • Different types of escape respirators
  • Types of hazardous atmospheres that require escape respirators
  • The self contained self rescuer (SCSR)
  • Selecting appropriate escape respirators
  • Inspection requirements and tips
  • How to don an escape respirator
  • How to use an escape respirator

Training Time

  • DVD Length: 20 minutes
  • Test Time: About 12 minutes

Product Contents

  • (1) Escape Respirator DVD - Explains the importance and safe use of escape respirators.
  • Training Documentation - Download leader guide, quiz, answer key, certificate of completion.

Escape Respirator DVD Preview


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