Hearing Conservation DVD

  • Hearing Conservation DVD

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Loss of hearing is a condition that frequently costs employees a lot of money.  Any company with employees who are exposed to a time weighted average of 85 decibels in an 8 hour period must have a company hearing conservation program, that includes training.  The Hearing Conservation DVD is a 22 minute video that covers the training requirements for protecting hearing.

This DVD includes a leader guide, quiz, answer key, and certificate of completion.  It is available in English & Spanish.

Hearing Conservation DVD Description

Training Subjects

  • How sound words
  • The parts of the ear
  • How your ear interprets sound
  • Types of noises and their impact
  • Understanding hearing loss
  • Preventing hearing loss
  • Hearing conservation program requirements
  • Ear muffs vs ear plugs
  • Selecting appropriate hearing protection PPE


  • Video - 22 minutes
  • Exam Time - About 15 minutes


  • English
  • Spanish


  • (1) Hearing Conservation DVD
  • Training Documentation - Leader guide, quiz, answer key, certificate of completion.

Hearing Conservation DVD Preview

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