Maintenance Safety DVD

  • Maintenance Safety DVD

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Maintenance of some time is performed at nearly every facility.  The Maintenance Safety DVD will teach your employees about the safety hazards and required precautions for performing maintenance.  This DVD includes a leader guide, quiz, answer key, and certificate of completion.

Maintenance Safety DVD Description


  • Definition of maintenance
  • The different types of maintenance activities
  • General maintenance guidelines
  • Common maintenance hazards
  • Different methods for immobilizing equipment
  • Maintenance guidelines for vehicles
  • Hand tools safety
  • Welding, working on conveyors, and line breaking.
  • Good housekeeping

DVD Contents

  • (1) Maintenance Safety DVD
  • Training Documentation - Download a leader guide,quiz, answer key, and certificate of completion.

Training Time

  • DVD Length - About 20 minutes
  • Test Time - About 12 minutes

Maintenance Safety DVD Preview


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