Michigan Forklift Operator Training Compliance Kit

  • Michigan Forklift Operator Training Compliance Kit

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The Michigan Forklift Operator Safety Training Compliance Kit allows businesses to train and certify forklift operators in-house in accordance with MIOSHA.  This comprehensive kit includes forklift operator training and certification materials, a written forklift safety policy, and forklift operation and inspection forms.

With this product you can:

  • Download it immediately.
  • Designate an experienced operator to be the trainer.
  • Train and certify forklift operators.
  • Create a forklift operations safety policy.
  • Issue forklift licenses.
  • Customize training materials to meet your needs.

Michigan Forklift Operator Safety Training Compliance Kit Description

Product Contents

  • Forklift Operator Safety PowerPoint® - A complete forklift operator training presentation, about 50 slides, that covers the safety requirements for forklift operation.  This can be customized easily.  Use on a computer, a projector, or print it out and use as handouts.
  • Forklift Safety Policy - A written forklift safety policy, in Microsoft Word®, that can be customized to the needs of the business.
  • Hands on Certification - Perform a driver evaluation on each type of forklift.
  • Weekly Safety Meeting Forms - Conduct weekly safety meetings on forklift safety.
  • Forklift Forms - Training roster, quiz, answer key, certificate of completion, forklift inspection forms, and more.

Regulations Covered

  • Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs - General Safety Orders Part 21

Training Time

  • Classroom Training - About 2 hours
  • Hands On Certification  - 2- 3 hours

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