Online Respirator Medical Evaluation

  • Online Respirator Medical Evaluation

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All employees who use respirators for their job are required to complete a medical evaluation that complies with 29 CFR 1910.134.  The Online Respirator Medical Evaluation can be completed from any computer with internet access, and provides immediate results. 

Medical Evaluation Features

  • Can complete form in English or Spanish
  • Reviewed by a certified medical professional.
  • Meets HIPAA requirements
  • OSHA compliant
  • Results available immediately
  • Results automatically emailed to candidate and company administrator
  • Administrator access available

The Process

  1. Purchase the amount of respirator screenings that you need.
  2. Access information will be emailed to you after your order.
  3. Provide the logon and password to your candidates.
  4. The evaluation can be completed from any internet computer, and results are securely transmitted.
  5. Results will be provided immediately.
  6. If follow up information is required, a notice will be given to the candidate that they will be contacted by a medical professional.  This follow up evaluation DOES NOT cost extra.

Medical Information Access

The medical information is transmitted securely to Vest Medical, whose qualified physicians evaluate the applications.  No one other than the candidate and the physician can see the private medical information.  The company will be provided with information that the employees has been cleared to wear a respirator, or is not medically qualified.  No information about the reasons or conditions will be provided.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Evolution Powder Coating E.P.C. Evolution Powder C.
    Online Respirator Medical Evaluation

    Easy and straight forward to use.

    Karen McKey K.M. Karen M.
    5 star

    Online Respirator Medical Evaluation

    Lucas Straight L.S. Lucas S.
    Did the job

    Easy enough for workers to fill out, quick and did what it said

    SLG S. SLG
    Great Product!

    Excellent customer service. The ability to switch between English and Spanish on the Respirator Medical Screening was a tremendous help. Thank you.

    First Time User F.T.U. First Time U.
    Much faster than schedualing a Doctors appointment for a Physical!

    Would have given 5 stars, if it was a little more user friendly. Once Purchased an explanation of what the next steps to follow are, would have been extremely useful. Also a way to print a receipt for the service, without waiting to check email (5-10min) for a copy of it. Another plus would have been a confirmation screen that a purchase is not just done, but what the next steps are to complete the process.

    Vendor Vest Medical