Secondary chemical containers are the chemical containers most often found in the workplace.  While chemical shipping containers must have the full GHS label, OSHA provides employers with a lot of flexibility to create their own secondary container labeling systems.

OSHA Requirements for Secondary Container Labels

OSHA requires secondary container labels to have the full GHS label, or:

"Product identifier and words, pictures, symbols, or combination thereof, which provide at least general information regarding the hazards of the chemicals, and which, in conjunction with the other information immediately available to employees under the hazard communication program, will provide employees with the specific information regarding the physical and health hazards of the hazardous chemical."


 As you can see from the regulation, the only specific requirement is that that label include the product identifier.  The rest of the necessary information can be determined by the employer.  You should be sure that the information your company chooses to use be put in writing in the hazard communication program, and that it is consistent on every chemical container.

Secondary Container Labeling Requirements Video


This video covers the requirements of GHS chemical labeling.  Secondary container labels start at 1:56.