It is common for safety consultants and training companies to offer a "Trainer The Trainer" class, video, or certification, but these are not officially recognized or required by OSHA.

For most training subjects, the Trainer just needs to meet certain experience requirements, and be designated by the employer.

Example - Forklift Trainer Requirements

All operator training and evaluation shall be conducted by persons who have the knowledge, training, and experience to train powered industrial truck operators and evaluate their competence. - 1910.178(l)2(iii)

Notice there is no mention of a "Train The Trainer" certification.

Example - Fall Protection

The employer shall assure that each employee has been trained, as necessary, by a competent person qualified in the following areas: 1926.503(a)(2)

In this case, OSHA just says the trainer must be "competent".


"Train The Trainer" courses and certifications can be a useful tool for teaching an employee to be a trainer, but they are not official designations, and therefore their is no "expiration date" as it relates to OSHA requirements.

Aerial Lift Train The Trainer Course

Forklift Train The Trainer Course

Respirator Train The Trainer Course




ollevette wright

ollevette wright

I have a trainer trainer certificate for about 6 years I have never used it do I need to retake the course

carlos pineda

carlos pineda

i have train the trainer(forklift) certification, took a new job my question is , Do I have to take the forklift training if I want to operate the forklift, or train the trainer certification is enough?
Gina Harry

Gina Harry

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Faycal Amoud Ali

Faycal Amoud Ali

I’m a safety trainer at Camp Lemonnier Djibouti HOA and I need to be a certified trainer. thanks

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