Lockout Tagout Safety Training DVD Compliance Kit

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License: Standard
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The Lockout Tagout Compliance Kit provides the LOTO training, energy control plan, and forms your business needs to protect employees and comply with regulations.

Lockout Tagout DVD Compliance Kit Features

  • Download it immediately.
  • Train and certify lockout tagout authorized users.
  • Train lockout tagout affected employees.
  • Create an OSHA required Energy Control Plan.
  • Generate lockout tagout equipment procedures using the LOTO procedure templates.
  • Document and track lock assignments.
  • Conduct weekly safety meetings related to Lockout Tagout.

LOTO Training Options

  • Lockout Tagout Video
  • Lockout Tagout E-Learning Module
  • Lockout Tagout PowerPoint

License Types

Standard License

  • Use in One Location

Online LMS

  • Unlimited Employee Use
  • Upload to Your LMS
  • Never Expires
  • Not For Resale

Training Time

  • Classroom - About one hour
  • Hands On - About one hour

Regulations Covered

  • 29 CFR 1910.147 - Control of Hazardous Energy

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