Hazard Communication DVD Compliance Kit

  • Hazard Communication DVD Compliance Kit

$ 189.00


 The Hazard Communication DVD Compliance Kit contains everything you need to create a Hazard Communication Program and certify employees. It includes:

  • Hazard Communication Video
  • Hazard Communication E-Learning
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Hazard Communication Forms

HazCom DVD, E-Learning and PowerPoint


  • Download it immediately and receive on DVD / CD.
  • Conduct training with a Hazard Communication Video, PowerPoint, or E-Learning program.
  • Create a written Hazard Communication Program for your business.
  • Train and certify employees on Hazard Communication.
  • Customize the training presentation with your own graphics and text.
  • Conduct weekly safety meetings on Hazard Communication.
  • Perform a chemical inventory.
  • Create your own GHS chemical labels.


  • 30 minute video
  • Provided in .mp4 format for use on any computer
  • Includes instructions for playing on a TV or DVD player
  • Available on DVD
  • Can be uploaded to company website or LMS

HazCom Video Preview


  • Automated training for your employees
  • Provided in HTML 5 format - can be run on any computer with a web browser
  • Can be uploaded to company website or LMS


  • About 70 slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Can be edited and customized easily

 Safety Plan

  • OSHA Compliant Hazard Communication Program, provided in Microsoft Word
  • Can be edited and customized.

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