About XO Safety

What is XO Safety?

In the Navy, the second in command is known as the "Executive Officer", abbreviated as "XO".  XO's are responsible for the execution of the captain's orders.  They are technically not in charge, but they oversee the entire ship's operations. 

Most safety managers fit this role.  They report to an owner or executive, but are responsible for safety compliance for the entire company.  We built this site to meet the needs of these "XO's".  We are not just an ecommerce site - we are a resource for those who are dedicated to improving safety at their facility.


Our History

XO Safety is the E-Commerce Store for Affordable Safety Training LLC.  The company was founded by a former naval nuclear engineer.  After his military service, he spent years in the energy and manufacturing sectors, running safety and training programs.  He struggled to find safety solutions that were effective and economical.  So in 2007, he quit his job as a safety manager at an international utility, and founded Affordable Safety Training. 

Our Mission

It's quite simple - to provide excellent safety solutions to businesses.  This may be a training DVD, safety equipment, or just answers to your questions.  If you are interested in improving safety at your business, we want to be your partner.

Join the Community

We have set up this website to be as interactive as possible.  You can ask questions on our product pages, consult reviews, review and comment on the subject resource pages.  Thoughts or questions?  Please add to the discussion.