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Scissor Lift Train The Trainer Course

The Scissor LIft Train The Trainer Course covers the OSHA and ANSI requirements for certifying scissor lift operators at your facility.

  • Includes ANSI A92.24 - MEWP Training Requirements
  • Scissor Lift Operator Training
  • Developing A Training Curriculum
  • Setting Up A Classroom
  • Scissor Lift Trainer Requirements
  • Scissor Lift Training Materials
  • Training & Certification Forms

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The Scissor LIft Train The Trainer Course is taught by a certified expert you can interact with.

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Scissor Lift Train The Trainer Instructions

Everything You Need For Designating a Scissor Lift Trainer and Certify Employees

Step 1 - Designate A Scissor Lift Trainer

Question: Does A Scissor Lift Trainer Require A Certification To Train Scissor Lift Operators?


Answer: No - OSHA grants the employer the authority to designate trainers based on who they believe is qualified. No outside training or designation is required.

Scissor lift trainers must be:

"Delivered by a qualified person who is experienced with the particular classification of MEWP and knowledgeable regarding the laws, regulations, safe use practices, manufacturers requirements, and recognition and avoidance of hazards associated with MEWPS."

Best Practice: Designate a Scissor Lift Trainer in writing.

OSHA does not require employers to designate trainers in writing, but it is an excellent work practice.

Step 2 - Review The Regulations

Fun Fact: Did you know that scissor lifts are not considered aerial lifts by OSHA? The Occupational Safety & Health Administration classifies scissor lifts as mobile scaffolding, and scaffolding regulations apply to this type of vehicle. However, ANSI considers a scissor lift to be a Group A Mobile Elevated Work Platform.

Scissor Lifts are covered by OSHA in 29 CFR 1926 Subpart L - Scaffolding. They also have some useful scaffolding references you can find here:

OSHA Scaffolding Rules

Step 3 - Conduct Training

Classroom Training

Operators must be trained on the following subjects:

Electrical hazards

Managing electrical hazards

Maximum intended load

Fall hazards

Use of fall protection

Scissor lift capacity

Use of scissor lift

Handling materials on a lift

Requirements of Subpart L

Hands On Training

Operators must be trained and evaluated on the actual vehicle they will be operating.

Scissor Lift Compliance Kit DVD Preview

Step 4 - Reevaluate Scissor Lift Operators

Scissor Lift Operators must be reevaluated when:

  • New hazards are introduced to the work area.
  • There is a change of equipment, fall protection, vehicle type, or other items that the employee was not previously trained on.
  • When the employee has been observed operating unsafely.
  • As required by the company.
A Supervisor Evaluates A Scissor Lift Operator
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