Construction Safety and Health Program

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Create a Construction Program & Site Specific Safety Plan

This program is for construction employers. For general industry, check out the General Industry Safety and Health Program


Length - About 78 pages

Site Specific Safety Plan - Includes a template you can use for each project.

Format - Microsoft Word® - Edit and copy your program as needed.

OSHA Compliant - Meets requirements of 19126.20(b).

Scope - Covers the most commonly required subjects for construction employers, including Fall Protection and Hazard Communication.

Download - As soon as you place the order, you will receive the download. Also available by mail on USB.

Weekly Safety Meetings - Dozens of weekly safety meetings you can use to emphasize and reinforce important safety principles.

Forms - Record Keeping, Emergency Action Plans, Incident Investigation, Job Hazard Analysis, Safety Plan Acknowledgement & More!

Emergency Action Plans - A policy for emergency action plans, includes an EAP template.


  • General Construction Accident Prevention Plan
  • Site Specific Safety and Health Plan
  • OSHA Injury and Illness Record Keeping Policy
  • Job Hazard Analysis Policy
  • Accident Investigation Policy
  • Fire Prevention Policy
  • Fall Protection Policy
  • Hazard Communication Policy
  • Ladder & Stairway Policy
  • Scaffolding Safety Policy
  • Excavation and Trenching Policy  

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Training Upgrade

Select the Program and Training option to get a great collection of training materials to go with your construction safety plan.

Save over $600 with this package!

  • Training Outlines - Easy to follow directions for providing training.
  • PowerPoint Presentations® - Covers every subject.  You can edit and customize as you need.  Use in the classroom or print out and use as handouts in the field.
  • Quiz and Answer Key - Evaluate classroom learning.
  • Hands On Certification Forms - Verify they have learned the required skills in the field by completing these hands on performance requirements.
  • Wallet Card Templates - Create and print your own company wallet card training records.
  • Training Documentation - Training rosters, evaluations, record forms and more!

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