Get a Free General Industry Fall Protection DVD & Safety Plan

We are looking for a few aspiring directors!  Safety videos that include real people doing real work are always the most effective.  Here's you chance to be a part and get a free training DVD.

What Do I Do?

    1. Take a look at the shot list below.
    2. Select TWO shots.
    3. Go to the area at your facility where the work is taken place.
    4. Get the permission of the workers.
    5. Pull out your camera phone and turn it sideways.
    6. Take 15 - 20 seconds clips.

That's it!  You can email us the clips or upload them to a folder we provide.  It's easy.

We'll take a look at the clips, and if they are approved, we'll send you an authorization form, and put you on the list for a free Fall Protection DVD when it is released.

Contact Us With Questions or Submissions


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Fall Protection Shot List

Walking and Working Surfaces

  • Employee(s) walking down a hallway
  • Employees walking on an elevated work platform
  • Employee(s) performing a work process where there is a wet floor
  • Employee(s) cleaning or removing water / snow / ice from a surface
  • Employee(s) cleaning or clearing objects from a walking or working surface
  • Worker inspecting an elevated walkway
  • Working putting a barricade in front of a walkway to mark it out of service
  • Worker performing a repair on an elevated walkway


  • Climbing up and down a portable ladder
  • Climbing up and down a fixed ladder on a building
  • Performing work on a portable ladder
  • Securing a portable ladder to the ground
  • Blocking off an area while a ladder is in use
  • Climbing a fixed ladder inside a safety cage


  • Climbing a stairway while holding a hand rail
  • Door opening onto a stairway platform
  • Employee inspecting a stairway

Hoist Areas

  • Hoisting a load in a hoist area
  • Hoisting a load through a platform
  • Attaching a load to a hoist while wearing fall protection

Repair and Service Pits

  • Performing work in a service pit
  • Walking around a service pit

Covers and Holes

  • A open hole in a platform.
  • Placing a cover over a hole.

Dangerous Equipment

  • Employees working above dangerous equipment, such as machinery or open containers.

Designated Areas

  • Employees performing work on an elevated surface, such as a roof, behind a marked designated area warning line.

Anchor Points

  • Employees attaching to fall protection anchor points
  • Employees performing work while attached to an anchor point

Personal Fall Protection

  • Employees putting on their fall protection system
  • Employees inspecting their fall protection equipment
  • Employees checking their fall protection harness for proper fit
  • Employees performing work while in a fall protection system.

If you've got other ideas that you think should be included, just let us know!


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