OSHA 29 CFR 1926.503 says that workers must be trained and certified by a "competent person".  That competent person must be qualified in the following areas:


  1. The fall hazards in the work area.
  2. How to erect, maintain, inspect, and disassemble the fall protection systems used.
  3. The use and operation of the fall protection systems to be used.
  4. The role of each employee in a safety monitoring system.
  5. The limitations of mechanical equipment while work is performed on low sloped roofs.
  6. The correct procedures for handling and storage of equipment and materials and erection of overhead protection.
  7. The role of employees in fall protection plans.
  8. The OSHA regulations.

The employer can designate a competent person to be the trainer, but the person designated must meet this criteria. It is important that this designation is done in writing, so that it can be presented to OSHA if they ask for it.


OSHA 29 CFR 1926.503 - Fall Protection Training Requirements

OSHA Fall Protection Safety and Health Topic Page

Competent Person Designation Form

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