OSHA requires employers to develop written procedures for lockout tagout operations. Any lockout tagout operation that involves more than one lockout point will require a written energy control procedure.

It is important to know that this is not the only point of consideration when determining if a lockout tagout procedure is required. OSHA has eight requirements that ALL must be met for a lockout tagout procedure exemption to apply.

  1. There is no potential or stored energy, and the energy may not reaccumulate after shutdown.
  2. A single energy source can be identified and isolated.
  3. The lockout will completely de-energize the equipment.
  4. Equipment is both isolated and locked out from the energy source during maintenance.
  5. Lockout can be achieved with a single device.
  6. The lockout device is under the control of the authorized employee performing the work.
  7. No hazards are created for other employees.
  8. Previous use of this exemption have not caused problems or unexpected startup.

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