New Standard From ANSI/ISEA For Dropped Object Prevention

In 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that 3,860 workers were seriously injured by falling tools, and it resulted in approximately 255 deaths. Due to the growing number of fatalities and injuries suffered by workers from dropped objects, the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have teamed up and put out a new standard, 121-2018, the Dropped Object Prevention Solutions. This new standard "is the first of it's kind to address equipment used to tether and/or contain hand tools." It focuses on four categories to contain tools:

  • Anchor Attatchments
  • Tool Attatchments
  • Tool Tethers
  • Containers

Anchor attachments would entail using an anchor (i.e. structure or human body) to attach to a tether to prevent the tool from dropping.

Tool Attachments would secure a tool being used at height to a tether to prevent a tool from falling.

Tool Tethers are a length of material that would connect a tool attachment to an anchor to secure it.

Containers would be utilized to move tools and/or equipment in a secure bucket or bag.

The main intent behind this new standard is to prevent injuries and fatalities due to falling objects.

In addition to ANSI and ISEA other companies helped to create this new standard such as Ergodyne, 3M Co., Guardian Fall Protection Inc., Hammerhead Industries Inc., Radians Inc., Ty-Flot Inc., and West Coast Corp. 


121.2018 is available online at  ANSI or ISEA

Protecting Workers From Falling Tools Goal of New Safety Standard by Bruce Rolfsen

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