The Story of OSHA - The Most Important Video You've Never Seen


In 1980, OSHA released a video titled "The Story of OSHA".  This video highlighted the growing epidemic of workplace injuries and illnesses. It pointed out that in the year of the Vietnam War's greatest death toll, fatalities in the workplace matched those on the battlefield.  Disabling injuries in the workplace exceeded those in the Vietnam War by a factor of 54.
The Story of OSHA asserts the rights of employees to have a workplace free of serious hazards. It also emphasizes the responsibility of employers to provide a work environment free of those hazards. It highlighted the common hazards of:
  • Fire
  • Noise
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Falls
  • Other workplace injuries.

The Reagan Administration found this video alarmist, and had copies confiscated. Fortunately, it was hidden by activists, and is available today.

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