Aerial Lift Training

Train & certify your employees to operate Aerial Lifts. Everything you need to:


  • Designate an Aerial Lift Trainer
  • Certify Employees on Aerial Lift Operation
  • Create an Aerial Lift Safety Plan


Works For All Major Types of Aerial Lifts

$199 - All Employees - All Types of Aerial Lifts

Aerial Lift Training Kit

Aerial Lift E-Learning

Aerial Lift E-Learning Introduction
Aerial Lift E-Learning Controls
Aerial Lift E-Learning Training Matching Question
Aerial Lift E-Learning Training Operations

Aerial Lift Video

Aerial Lift PowerPoint

Aerial Lift PowerPoint Training Placards and Decals
Aerial Lift Training PowerPoint Platform Loading
Aerial Lift PowerPoint Training Weather Considerations

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The Aerial LIft Training DVD Compliance Kit is available as an immediate download. A link will be made available on your order confirmation page.

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What Type Of Aerial Lifts Does This Cover?

What Type of Aerial Lifts Does This Cover?

The Aerial Lift Operator Training DVD Compliance Kit covers all major classifications of aerial lifts, including:

  • Extensible Boom Lifts
  • Vertical Towers
  • Aerial Ladders
  • Articulating Boom Lifts
  • Man Lifts
  • Boom Lifts
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Bucket Trucks
  • - Anything else classified as an aerial lift.

Does This Work For Train The Trainer?

Does This Work For Train The Trainer?

Yes! The Aerial Lift Operator Training DVD Compliance Kit is designed to be used for aerial lift train the trainer. We recommend the designated trainer complete the Aerial Lift E-Learning Module and review the operators manual thoroughly.

Who Can Certify Aerial Lift Operators?

Who Can Certify Aerial Lift Operators?

The employer can designate any employee who they feel has sufficient experience and understanding of safe aerial lift operations. OSHA does not list any specific qualifications or requirements for aerial lift trainers. We recommend designating aerial lift trainers in writing with the included Aerial Lift Trainer Designation Form.

Aerial Lift Trainer Designation Form

Does This Work For Scissor Lifts?

Does This Work For Scissor Lifts

OSHA does not classify scissor lifts as an aerial lift. They are considered to be mobile scaffolding, and are covered by different regulations.

For Scissor Lifts, we recommend the Scissor Lift Operator Training DVD Compliance Kit.

Scissor Lift Training

What I Need Training For Myself?

What If I Need Training For Myself?

If you are looking for aerial lift operator training for yourself, or online training for your employees, we recommend the following online courses:

Aerial Lifts For Construction Online Training
Aerial Lifts For General Industry Online Training

"Each training package I bought from XO Safety has helped me increase the safety preparedness of our employees."

Harry Moseley

21 FEB 2018

"The aerial lift training is an excellent package. Has everything I need to train our employees with. I will be using XO in the future for other training materials Again thank you for the Safety Services that you provide."

Larry Monroe

123 NOV 2016

"I received the man lift as expected and it was a complete package. It was very easy to go through and present to the men. It is presented in a way that spurs questions from the trainees. I expect to use XO company in the future with other training subjects."

Randy Strickland

08 AUG 2016

Aerial Lift Training

Aerial Lift Safety Policy

The Aerial Lift Operator Training DVD Compliance Kit contains a written aerial lift safety policy for your business. It is provided in Microsoft Word, and is easy to edit and customize.

Aerial Lift Policy Summary
Aerial Lift Policy Table of Contents
Aerial Lift Management Responsibilities Policy
Aerial Lift Employee Responsibilities Policy

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