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Forklift Operator Safety Training

Forklift Training Options For Operators, Trainers & Supervisors - From Certified Experts

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Forklift Operator Training Options

Operator Training

XO Safety Academy's Online Forklift Operator Safety Training covers the OSHA training requirements for forklift operation, and provides the student with all the documentation and paperwork required to complete their hands on operator evaluation.

Train The Trainer

The Online Forklift Train The Trainer Course includes everything instructors need to know about training and certifying forklift operators. This ensures that they have the "knowledge and training" required by 29 CFR 1910.178 to certify forklift operators.

Training DVD Kit

The Forklift Operator Safety Training DVD Compliance Kit contains everything you need to train and certify employees on forklift operations. It includes a forklift video, E-Learning Module, PowerPoint, Safety Plan & certification forms.

Forklift Training DVD Compliance Kit

Forklift Training

Train & Certify Forklift Operators

Everything you need to train and certify forklift operators in-house. This kit includes a Training Video, E-Learning Module, PowerPoint, Safety Plan & Certification Forms.

"We lost our 7 year old disc. We I ask for a new down load it took all of 5 minutes to hear back for XO Safety with the download information. 5 Stars sometimes isn't high enough."

Bruce Kennedy

Alameda, CA

"This video clearly covers all of the challenges and pitfalls which induce life and safety issues for facilities and forklift operators to be aware of. I recommend it for pre-review prior to hands-on training, or evaluation of operators and after OSHA familiarization training."

Steve Binder

Dillingham, AK

"I ordered the Forklift training DVD kit and it has been a relative and perfect for our business. I am going to be able to show this to our employees over TV. This kit allows us to certify our employees to be fully compliant with OSHA."

Phil McClure

Houston, TX

"This has been very effective in training my employees in forklift safety and operation. I would definitely recommend this program to other safety directors for use in their own field of operations."

Dale Dryden

Lake City, FL

"Professional service from XO, great product with resources to use. Would buy from them again"

Beverly Willekes

Pequannock, NJ

"To stay safe and compliant with training, the forklift DVD was just what we needed. I was worried when I called, as I thought I was going to get a call center, but I didn't! I received prompt customer service! Extra Stars for that!"

Ivy Tippit

Austin, TX

Forklift Training DVD

Forklift Training Solutions

XO Safety Has Great Forklift Training Solutions For Your Business

Forklift Train The Trainer Online Course

Forklift Operator Training Online Course