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Free Aerial Lift Safety Videos for Training and Awareness

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New Access Industry Standards Explained

A brief rundown of the new ANSI updates to the Aerial Lift Standard, including the new terminology and new classifications for the machine classes.

Video Length - 1:48

Video Author - JLG Industries

Required Fall Protection for Aerial Lifts Video

Learn about the requirements for fall protection on aerial lifts.

Video Length: 0:50

Author: XO Safety

News Report: Worker Injured When Cherry Picker Wheel Falls Through Manhole

This news report emphasizes the importance of conducting workplace inspections prior to using an aerial lift.

Video Length: 1:20


News Report: Worker Killed When Aerial Lift Collapses

This news report highlights the importance of keeping an aerial lift on level ground and wearing fall protection.

Video Length: 0:53

Author: WPRI Fox Providence

Aerial Lift Operator Ejected From Platform

Watch as an operator is thrown from a platform during mobile operation.

Video Length: 0:35

Collapsed Aerial Lift

The aftermath of a collapsed aerial lift.  

Video Length: 1:14