Free Driving Safety Videos for Training and Awareness

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Workplace Driving Policies

a great reference video to help create a driving plan to ensure the safety of your employees when they drive as part of their job.

Video Length: 3:35

Video Author: Montana State Fund

Driving for Work: The Journey Management Process

A brief video that discusses trip-planning tips to help ensure everyone's safety.


Video Length: 3:01

Video Author: WorkSafe BBC

Respect the Cone Zone

A reminder to drivers that cones on the road mean someone is working behind them and to keep an eye out so everyone stays safe.

Video Length: 1:01

Video Author: Work BBC

Road Safety: Costs of a Crash

A look at the financial and emotional costs of motor vehicle accidents.


Video Length: 0:34

Video Author: WorkSafe BBC

Arvind's Story: Long Haul Truck Driver

A good video to remind everyone to take a few seconds to ensure that they are safe. A look into what can happen when you don't follow the safety rules.


Video Length: 3:24

Video Author: WorkSafeBC

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