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Fundamentals of Fall Protection

Great video by Oregon OSHA focusing fall protection. It walks through some real life stories and how to ensure you don't make the same mistakes.

Length: 2:03:30

Author: Oregon OSHA

Thinking About Fall Protection

Meet Harness Man! A cheesy, yet effective video from DBI Sala that covers the requirements of fall protection. Watch out for the Required Fall Clearance section, where they forget to account for the height of the worker.

Length: 19:54

Author: DBI Sala

Fall Protection Training

XO Safety has great training options for fall protection.

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Fall Protection Safety

This WorkSafe BC video from 2007 covers the basic requirements for fall protection, and how to prevent falls in the workplace.

Length: 11:42

Author: WorkSafe BC:WorkSafe

How To Rescue A Fallen Worker

Learn about the importance of a fall rescue plan through demonstrations of two types of rescues for a fallen worker.

Length: 11:25

Author: Oregon OSHA

Fall Protection Train The Trainer

Learn To Certify Employees on Fall Protection Hazards

Fall Protection Safety Training

A great fall protection training video. Order this video and also get a safety plan and all required forms.

Falls In Construction: Bridge Decking

A video by OSHA on preventing falls in bridge decking.

Length: 3:21

Author: Department of LaborWorkSafe

Falls In Construction: Reroofing

This video covers the fall hazards and methods of protection for roofing activities.

Length: 3:02

Author: Department of Labor

Falls In Construction: Fixed Scaffolds

Work on fixed scaffolding can be hazardous. This OSHA video covers the hazards and safe practices required for preventing falls on scaffolding.

Length: 2:58

Author: Department of LaborWorkSafe

Falls in Construction: Leading Edge Work

This OSHA video focuses on the fall hazards on leading edge work.

Length: 3:01

Author: Department of Labor