Here are some great free fall protection videos that you can use for fall protection training and awareness.  For Fall Protection Training, Safety Plan, and Forms, check out the Fall Protection Compliance Kit.

This videos are not owned or endorsed by XO Safety.  Use them at your discretion.

5 Ways to Prevent Workplace Falls

A very short video about fall protection in construction.

.Video Length - 0:41

Video Author - OSHA

Thinking About Fall Protection - DBI Sala


Meet Harness Man!  A cheesy, yet effective video from DBI Sala that covers the requirements of fall protection.  Watch out for the Required Fall Clearance section, where they forget to account for the height of the worker.

Video Length: 19:54

Video Author: DBI Sala


Falls In Construction: Bridge Decking -Department of Labor

A video by OSHA on preventing falls in bridge decking

Video Length: 3:21

Author: OSHA

Falls In Construction: Reroofing - Department of Labor

 This video covers the fall hazards and methods of protection for roofing activities.

 Video Length: 3:02

Author: OSHA

Falls In Construction: Floor Openings - Department of Labor


This OSHA video covers the fall hazards associated with floor openings.

Video Length: 3:05

Author: OSHA

Falls In Construction: Fixed Scaffolds - Department of Labor


Work on fixed scaffolding can be hazardous.  This OSHA video covers the hazards and safe practices required for preventing falls on scaffolding.

Video Length: 2:58

Author: OSHA

Fall Protection -WorkSafeBC


This WorkSafe BC video from 2007 covers the basic requirements for fall protection, and how to prevent falls in the workplace.

Video Length: 11:42

Author: WorkSafeBC

Come On Goob!


Goob shows why it is never a good idea to hurry when working at heights.

Video Length: 0:19

Author: Unknown