Free Hazard Communication and GHS Videos

We have assembled a collection of free Hazard Communication and GHS Training videos.  These are great tools for awareness and refresher training.

For a complete Hazard Communication training solution, including a written plan and certification forms, check out the Hazard Communication DVD Compliance Kit.

Department of Labor - Revised Hazard Communication Video

 A dry, yet ,informative video from the Department of Labor which explains the updated Hazard Communication Standard.  It discusses the new regulations, the changes, and how the Globally Harmonized Standard is incorporated.

Work Safe BC - Material Safety Data Sheets

This is a 20 minute video from Work Safe BC covers the use and importance of safety data sheets.  While the material is not that current, (it does not address GHS or the new Safety Data Sheet format) it does provide a great overview on the importance of understanding chemical hazards and how to get that information.

 Affordable Safety Training - Hazard Communication and GHS Labeling Requirements

An explanation of the Hazard Communication requirements for chemical labeling.  Includes a discussion and examples of a custom labeling system.