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Free HazCom Safety Videos

Train Your Workers On Chemical Hazard Communication.

Safety Toolbox Talks: Chemical Safety and HazCom

How to manage chemicals on the jobsite.

Length: 5:59

Author: NAHBTV

Understanding the GHS Labeling System

A great summary of the GHS chemical labeling requirements.

Length: 16:25

Author: OSHA Training Services

HazCom Training

XO Safety has great training options for Hazard Communication and GHS.

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The Radium Girls and the Right To Know

Learn how the Radium Girls were exposed to deadly chemicals and were denied the right to know.

Length: 1:25

Author: Affordable Safety Training LLC

Hazard Communication Safety Video

A great overview of hazard communication and GHS.

Length: 6:18

Author: Ally Safety

Hazard Communication Train The Trainer

Learn To Certify Employees on HazCom & GHS

Hazard Communication Safety Training