Free Ladder Safety Videos

Here is a collection of free ladder safety videos.  You can use these as part of your ladder safety awareness training.


These videos are not owned or endorsed by Affordable Safety Training LLC.  Use them at your discretion.


Ladder Safety Video


This is an excellent ladder safety video from WorkSafeBC.  The specific requirements of ladder construction and use may vary by region, but the ladder safety tips are excellent.  

Video Length: 13:26

Video Author: WorkSafeBC

You're A Pro - Falls From Ladders Video


A quick video that covers the importance of ladder safety, and provides an example of a ladder accident.  A great video for a construction safety meeting.

Video Length: 2:01

Author: WorkSafeBC

Ladder Safety - Watch This Before You Use  A Ladder Video


 Roger from SkillBuilder covers some principles of ladder safety, and discusses an incident he was involved in.  A great refresher on ladder safety.

Video Length: 10:54

Author: Skill Builder

How Not to Use a Ladder Fail Compilation Video


 A compilation of humorous ladder accidents. Great for a quick safety meeting on ladder safety.

Video Length: 2:24

Author: Hewitt Ladders LTD