Free Lockout Tagout Energy Control Plan

Every lockout tagout program must have:

  • Written energy control procedures
  • Lockout tagout training
  • Regular inspections.

Here are some free lockout tagout energy control program templates for your business. Note: These are publically available templates and not owned or endorsed by Affordable Safety Training LLC.

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Lockout Tagout Training

XO Safety has great training options for Lockout Tagout. Train your employees to protect themselves from hazardous energy.

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OSHCON Lockout Tagout Program Template

This lockout tagout program is simple and easy to customize. It can make a great starting point.

Pages: 17

Author: Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers Compensation

Control of Hazardous Energy Program

This program provides some helpful getting started advice. It is also very short, so it is likely a good fit for small operations with simple hazard profiles.

Pages: 5

Author: Maine Department of Labor