Free Lockout Tagout Videos

We have assembled this collection of free lockout tagout videos just for you!  Use them for lockout tagout awareness and compliance training. 

Note: These videos are not owned or endorsed by Affordable Safety Training LLC or XO Safety.  Use them at your discretion.

Electrical Panel Repair Results in Electrocution - Department of Labor


This video covers the accident and corresponding investigation of an electrocution accident.   This is a great video to used as part of lockout tagout refresher or awareness training.

Video Length: 1:56

Video Author: OSHA

HIgh Pressure and High Temperature Steam Release - Department of Labor


 A great free video that details the uncontrolled released of hazardous energy in a steam system.

Video Length: 2:50

Author: OSHA

Lockout: A Guide To Safe Work Practices - WorkSafeBC


A terrific video from WorkSafeBC that covers the importance of controlling hazardous energy. This free comprehensive video covers types of hazardous energy, control methods, and required safe work practices.

Video Length: 19:58

Author: WorkSafeBC

No Time For Lockout Tagout


 What could possibly go wrong here?  A great clip to show your employees to reinforce the importance of lockout tagout.  Fortunately he was not hurt.

Video Length: 0:50