Free Lockout Tagout Safety Videos for Training and Awareness

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Exemptions To Lockout Tagout Procedure Requirements

A quick rundown of the exemption rules for the OSHA Lockout/Tagout procedures.

Video Length: 1:30

Video Author: XO Safety

Forcible Removal of a Lockout Device

A brief look at the requirements of forcibly removing a lockout device according to 29 CFR 1910.147(e)(3).

Video Length: 0:58

Video Author: Affordable Safety Training

Lockout Tagout: Types of Hazardous Energy

This video focuses on the types of energy that must be isolated with a lockout tagout procedure.

Video Length: 1:07

Video Author: Affordable Safety Training



Lockout Tagout LOTO Safety Video - Why everyone needs to do their own lock

A short humorous video that shows why it is so important for everyone working on a machine/equipment has their own lock.

Video Length: 1:21

Video Author: Time Wilborne

Electrical Panel Repair Results in Electrocution - Department of Labor

This video covers the accident and corresponding investigation of an electrocution accident.   This is a great video to used as part of lockout tagout refresher or awareness training.

Video Length: 1:56

Video Author: OSHA

High Pressure and High Temperature Steam Release - Department of Labor

A great free video that details the uncontrolled released of hazardous energy in a steam system.

Video Length: 2:50

Author: OSHA


Lockout: A Guide To Safe Work Practices - WorkSafeBC

A terrific video from WorkSafeBC that covers the importance of controlling hazardous energy. This free comprehensive video covers types of hazardous energy, control methods, and required safe work practices.

Video Length: 19:58

Author: WorkSafeBC

No Time For Lockout Tagout

What could possibly go wrong here? A great clip to show your employees to reinforce the importance of lockout tagout. Fortunately he was not hurt.

Video Length: 0:50

Video Author: Christine Collins

Isolation of Hazardous Energy

Lockout Tagout Videos

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