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Lockout: A Guide To Safe Work Practices

A great explanation of the importance of isolating hazardous energy. Includes real life examples of accidents and how they could have been prevented.

Length: 19:58

Author: WorkSafeBC

Electrical Panel Repair Results In Electrocution

A lockout tagout failure results in the death of a worker.

Length: 1:56

Author: US Department of Labor

Lockout Tagout Training

XO Safety has great training options for Lockout Tagout. Train your employees to protect themselves from hazardous energy.

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High Pressure Steam Release During Engine Room Repair

A lack of lockout tagout leads to a high energy release.

Length: 2:50

Author: Department of Labor

Why Everyone Needs Their Own Lock

A silly yet effective video highlighitng the need for everyone to hang their own lock.

Length: 1:21

Author: Unknown

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