Free Mine Safety Videos

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Wyodak Mine Safety

This video focuses on the safe work environment at the Wyodak Mine, one of the oldest mines.


Video Length: 8:37

Video Author: Black Hills Energy

Explosives Underground: Mining & Demolition Safety Training Video

This video focuses on how to safely work with explosive in an underground mine.


Video Length: 14:39

Video Author: Bright Enlightenment

History of Mine Safety and Health Legislation in the USA

A look into the history of the mining industry and how it has progressed over the decades.


Video Length: 9:01

Video Author: MSHA

The Fire at Dotiki

About the fire at the Dotiki coal mine and with the actions and efforts of the workers, management, and MSHA in order to contain and put out the fire and keep everyone safe. A great example of everyone working together for a common goal.


Video Length: 12:13

Video Author: MSHA