Heat Stress Program

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Heat stress is an often overlooked but common cause of employee injury. The Heat Stress Program provides a written policy template for managing heat stress at your facility. This policy is provided in Microsoft Word®, and can be edited easily.  It is available for immediate download, and can be shipped as a digital copy upon request.

Heat Stress Policy Topics

  • Purpose and Program Responsibilities
  • Heat Stress Conditions
  • Heat Stress Management Procedures
  • Employee Awareness and Communication
  • Acclimatizing New Employees
  • Providing Shade and Drinking Water
  • Breaks and Employee Monitoring
  • Special Requirements for Heat Waves
  • Training Requirements
  • Program Evaluation

Do you need heat stress training materials for your employees?  Check out the Heat Stress Safety Training Compliance Kit.  It includes this policy, plus heat stress safety training and forms.

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