Workplace Harassment in the Office DVD

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Workplace Harassment in the Office DVD Preview

When communication and cooperation do not go well in a workplace, it can lead to frustration, anger and stress. This can then lead to all kinds of behavior, including practical jokes or intimidation, verbal abuse or assault, which are all forms of harassment. Workplace Harassment in Industrial Facilities goes over different types of harassment in the workplace, how an employee's work situation can be affected by it and what employees can do to help prevent it from happening.

Workplace Harassment in the Office DVD Subjects

  • Explaining workplace harassment
  • Different types of harassment and how to recognize them
  • Verbal abuse and threats and how to handle them
  • Sexual harassment and the many forms it can take
  • How to recognize different forms of "assault"
  • Knowing what to do and what not to do when confronted with a stalker
  • How encouraging a positive workplace environment can increase productivity and safety

DVD Length

  • About 17 minutes

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