The Employer Can Designate A Trainer

Trainers do not need to be trained or certified by any outside body.  The employer has the authority to designate an employee to be the trainer.  The employer should refer to the specific standard they will be training on for any specific trainer requirements. The Forklift Train the Trainer Page will give you step-by-step guidance for certifying operators in  house.

The Employer Should Designate An Experienced Trainer

While the employer does have the authority to designate trainers, they should make sure the trainers are experienced in the work area, and understand the policies and procedures required to work safely.  Do not designate junior or inexperienced employees.

Designate a Trainer in Writing

While it is not specifically required in all cases, it is a good idea to document qualified trainers in writing. This will give you important evidence of your training program should you ever get an OSHA inspection.  It should include the name of the person, as well as the reasoning behind the designation.  Here is a sample trainer designation form.


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