On August 3rd, 2015 the new OSHA regulations for Confined Spaces in Construction went into effect. Businesses performing construction work must comply with this new standard, and have their employees trained on it.

What is the difference between the General Industry and the Construction Rules for Confined Space?

The main differences between the two standards are:

  1. More detailed requirements for coordinating confined space work on a construction site.  The entities of host employer, controlling contractor, and entry employer are introduced and discussed.
  2. A competent person must evaluate the work site for confined spaces.
  3. When it is feasible, continuous atmospheric monitoring must be done while workers are in a confined space.
  4. Engulfment hazards must be continuously monitored.  If someone is working in a sewer, or some other place with that type of hazard, there must be a system in place to monitor flow of any substance into the space.
  5. Permits can now be temporarily suspended, instead of cancelled.  This allows work to stop temporarily while another work process is done that may introduce a hazard.

Confined Space for Construction Training and Permit Space Entry Plan

Check out the Confined Space in Construction Safety Training Compliance Kit.  It has the training, permit space entry plan, permits, and forms your business needs.

Confined Space in Construction References

Frequently Asked Questions

OSHA Confined Space Resource Page

Confined Spaces in Construction Regulations (PDF)

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Bryce Deller

Bryce Deller

That engulfment rule update is helpful. Every time we did sewer work we were breaking the rules under the old standard. No way to really isolate everything.

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