There was a fatal accident on December 11th, 2015, in Allendale, Michigan.  A pair of workers used a forklift to elevate a worker in a plastic bin to a height just below the roof line. The plastic bin was not attached to the forklift, and then the worker reached outside the bin for a tool, he feel nearly seven feet to his death.

Michigan Regulations for Lifting Employees with Forklifts

In Part 21 of the General Industry Safety Standards, LARA requires that:

"An employee shall not be lifted or transported, except when a platform is attached to the forks by enclosed sleeves, a safety chain, or  a mechanical device in such a manner that the platform cannot tip or slip."

- R 408.12167 Rule 2167

Always use forklifts for their intended purpose. Lifting employees with a forklift is not safe, unless it is specifically designed for that purpose.


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