Aerial Lift Operator Safety Training Compliance Kit

  • Aerial Lift Operator Safety Training Compliance Kit

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Aerial lifts are common used in construction and general industry.  Unfortunately, accidents related to these vehicles are too common.  The Aerial Lift Safety Training Compliance Kit provides the materials you need to train and certify operators.  The company can designate an experienced person to be the trainer, and this person can instruct and certify employees.  This train-the-trainer solution can be used on most types of aerial lifts.

This product can be downloaded immediately after purchase or received by mail on CD.

With this product you can:

  • Certify employees to operate different types of aerial lifts.
  • Create an aerial lift safety policy for your business.
  • Issue operator wallet cards.
  • Conduct daily and periodic equipment inspections.
  • Record aerial lift maintenance.

Aerial Lift Operator Certification

  • Aerial Lift Operator Training PowerPoint® - A complete training presentation (about 50 slides) that covers the required regulations and operations.  This can be updated and customized to your business.
  • Aerial Lift Hands-On Training - Complete the hands on portion of the training and document it using the certification form.
  • Training Forms - Training outline, quiz, answer key, certificate of completion, participant worksheet, rosters and evaluations.
  • Wallet Card Template - Provide employees with an easy to carry record of their completion.
  • Forms and More - Weekly Safety Meetings, Inspection & Maintenance Forms, Signs, and more.

Training Time

  • Classroom - About 2 hours
  • Hands-On - 1-4 hours, depending on previous experience

Aerial Lift Safety Policy

A complete safety policy, written in Microsoft Word®, that outlines the procedures and policies for aerial lift operation at your facility.  This can be tailored to your company needs.

Regulations Covered

  • 1926.453
  • ANSI 92.2-2001

Available In A Value Pack

Check out the Construction Safety Training Compliance Kit Value Pack, for this great product and a collection of others required for the construction industry.  Save hundreds and get a complete set of training.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

This product comes with a 30 money back guarantee.  If for any reason it does not meet your needs, just let us know for a full refund.

    Customer Reviews

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    Aerial Lift Training

    Has everything I need to meet requirements at a reasonable price. It also doesn't embellish requirements to make it look like I need a lot more than I really do (at a much higher price)..

    5 star

    Product was as described.
    Very thorough and easy to train with.

    Aerial Lift Training

    It is an excellent package. Has everything I need to train our employees with. I will be using XO in the future for other training materials Again thank you for the Safety Services that you provide.

    Man lift training

    I received the program as expected and was a complete package. It was very easy to go through and present to the men. It is presented in a way that spurs questions from the trainees. I expect to use XO company in the future with other training subjects.

    Training Materials

    Thank you for this training course. It was so easy and easy to administer to other users! I would recommend it to colleagues.

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