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ANSI 92.22-2018 - Safe Use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms - Major Changes

Learn about the major changes to the mobile elevated work platform ANSI standard. Check out the helpful videos and training solutions.

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Vehicle Classifications

ANSI developed a new classification system for mobile elevated work platforms. It consists of two Groups and three Types.

  • Group A
    • Mobile Elevated Work Platforms were the center of the platform area stays within the tipping lines of the vehicle in all platform configurations.
  • Group B
    • MEWPS not in Group A.
  • Type 1 - The MEWP can only travel while the platform is stowed.
  • Type 2 - The MEWP can only travel with the platform elevated when operated from the bottom controls.
  • Type 3 - The MEWP can travel with the platform elevated while operated from the platform controls.

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Mobile Elevated Work Platform Risk Assessments

The employer must conduct a risk assessment before mobile elevated work platforms are used on site or at a facility. This risk assessment must include:

  1. Identification of the task to be performed, including location and timing.
  2. The selection of the appropriate mobile elevated work platform for the job.
  3. An assessment of the risks associated with the task.
  4. Identification of control measures to manage the risks.
  5. A list of required safe work procedures.
  6. A plan for rescue from heights in the event of equipment malfunction or a fall from the platform.

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Vehicle Selection Criteria

The employer must identify appropriate types of mobile elevated work platforms for the task. Factors include:

  • The type of work performed
  • Constraints and limitations of the work site
  • Site access
  • Ground and support surface conditions
  • Proximity to the public or other workers
  • Weather conditions

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Employee Classifications

ANSI 92.22-2018 established a classification system for mobile elevated work platform workers. The classifications are:

  1. Occupant
    1. Performs work on the platform, and in an emergency can use the controls to lower the platform to the ground.
  2. Operator
    1. Operates the MEWP, and provides direction and supervision of occupants on the platform.
  3. Supervisor
    1. Oversees safe operation of mobile elevated work platforms. Not trained to operate the vehicle, but knows the rules, regulations, and site hazards.

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Rescue Plans

ANSI 92.22-2018 requires the employer to develop rescue plans for two contingencies:

  1. Vehicle malfunction
  2. Fall from the platform

There are three options for rescuing employees who have fallen:

  1. Self Rescue - Worker uses self rescue equipment to lower themselves to the ground.
  2. Assisted Rescue - Trained rescuers perform rescue procedures to recover a fallen worker.
  3. Technical Rescue - Supervisor notifies emergency services, who perform the rescue.