Hello, and welcome to the XO Safety Confined Space Resource Page.  This is a collection of helpful and free resources you can use to help understand and comply with the requirements of confined spaces.

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Basic Requirements for Confined Space

This section describes the basic OSHA requirements for employers with confined spaces. 

Employers with Confined Spaces

  1. Evaluate the workplace to determine if any confined spaces are permit-required confined spaces.
  2. Inform employees of these spaces by posting dander signs or other effective means that explain the existence of hazards and location of the space.
  3. If employees will not be entering the confined spaces, they need to be locked or otherwise secured.
  4. Evaluate confined spaces when the hazards change, and if necessary, reclassify as a permit required confined space.
  5. If contractors will be entering the space, work with the contractor to communicate hazards and coordinate operations.

Employers with Workers Who Enter Confined Spaces

In addition to the items listed above, workplaces that have permit-required confined space entry must also:

  1. Develop a written permit space entry program.
  2. Identify and evaluate hazards of permit spaces before they are entered.
  3. Develop procedures for entering permit spaces safely.
  4. Use an entry permit system.
  5. Evaluate permit space conditions while people are working inside the space.
  6. Train permit space entrants, attendants and supervisors on their duties and safe work practices.
  7. Provide a rescue plan and equipment.
  8. Consult with affected employees on the effectiveness of the confined space program.


Confined Space Regulations



OSHA lists the following states as having Confined Space regulations that differ from the federal standard.  This information may change, check with the OSHA State Plan directory.


Useful Confined Space Links


Free Confined Space Publications


Free Confined Space Awareness Videos

No Escape - Dangers of Confined Spaces

This Chemical Safety Board video describes the fatal accident that occurred deep inside an underground tunnel at an Excel Energy power plant.  Five workers died to poor planning, training, and a lack of a confined space entry plan.  This video should be required viewing for anyone who works in confined spaces.


Confined Spaces - Deadly Spaces

This 12 minute video by WorkSafeBC covers the rules and basic safety precautions for operating in confined spaces.  It is a great addition to any confined space training program.

 Confined Spaces: Rescue - Just Calling 911 Doesn't Cut It

A great video by WorkSafeBC that explains the need for a good confined space rescue plan.


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