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Welcome to XO Safety! We've got everything you need need for silica compliance, right here! Be sure to check out the free videos, PowerPoints, compliance guides, and other great resources.

Silica Regulations and Free References

Here is a list of great free resources. We strongly recommend the gold starred compliance guides. They are terrific and 100% free. They will answer most of your questions, and we are happy to answer the rest!  

Silica for Construction 1926.1153

Silica for General Industry 1910.1053

Silica Compliance Guide for Construction

Silica Compliance Guide for General Industry & Maritime

Table 1 - Silica Control Measures

OSHA Silica Safety Topic Page

NIOSH Silica Topic Page

OSHA Silica Publications

OSHA Compliant

The Respirable Crystalline Silica training materials cover the required OSHA topics.

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Crystalline Silica Exposure Control Plans

Every business with silica hazards is required to have a written SIlica Exposure Control Plan. We've got templates for general industry and construction, as well as a great Silica Exposure Control Plan Poster which works for both.

Silica Exposure Control Plan for Construction

The Silica Exposure Control Plan for Construction features:

  • Company Silica Safety Policy
  • Site Specific Silica Exposure Control Plan Template
  • Written in Microsoft Word, for easy customization.
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Silica Exposure Control Plan for General Industry

The Silica Exposure Control Plan for General Industry includes the policies required for a facility with crystalline silica hazards. It features:

  • Company Silica Safety Policy for General Industry Employers
  • Silica Regulated Areas Exposure Control Plan Template
  • Microsoft Word fornat for easy customizing.


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Silica Exposure Control Plan Poster

The Exposure Control Plan Poster meets OSHA requirements for silica plans, and presents it an a simple and easy format for your employees. All you need is a permanent marker!

  • 18" by 24"
  • High Strength Glossy Paper
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Stop Silicosis - 1938 Department of Labor Video

The 1938 Department of Labor's "Stop Silicosis" film may be the greatest safety video ever made. It stars the First Lady of Safety, Frances Perkins. This video is required viewing for all employers and employees.

Free Silica Safety Videos

Silica Compliance

Hawks Nest Disaster

Silica Exposure

Stop Silicosis - 2016

Masonry Saw - Table 1

Power Saw - Table 1

Jackhammer - Table 1

Drills - Table 1

Free Respirable Crystalline Silica PowerPoints

Silica - It's More Than Just Dust PowerPoint

Silica PowerPoint

Respirable Crystalline Silica PowerPoint

Crystalline Silica Rule for Construction PowerPoint