This is a free collection of Bloodborne Pathogens PowerPoints.  We hope you find them useful.

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OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens PowerPoint

A good overview of the OSHA standard for Bloodborne pathogens.

Slides: 28

Author: OSHA Office of Training and Education

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Washington L & I Bloodborne Pathogens PowerPoint

Lots of information about how to control exposure.

Slides: 60

Author: Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

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Bloodborne Pathogens PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is very quick and to the point. It covers the basics for bloodborne pathogens.

Slides: 11

Author: Providence VA

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BBP / PPE Training

This PowerPoint was specifically made for the Bureau of Communicable Diseases, but contains a lot of information about PPE.

Slides: 67

Authors: Gwen Borlaug, CIC, MPH & James Vergeront, MD

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