Free Chemical Hazard Safety Videos

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Runaway: Explosion at T2 Laboratories

On December 19, 2007 there was an explosion at T2 Laboratories in Jacksonville, Florida. The expolsion was equal to 1400 lbs. of TNT. A great reminder to always know how chemicals react together.


Video Length: 9:28

Video Author: USCSB

Iron in the Fire

The CSB looks into three iron dust fires that caused 5 fatalities at the Hoeganaes Corporation in Gallatin, TN.


Video Length: 14:02

Video Author: USCSB

Reactive Hazards

Although this video is a little dated is contains good information regarding chemical reactions through some very serious accidents.


Video Length: 20:21

Video Author: USCSB

Half an Hour to Tragedy

Propane vapors in a storage tank are ignited and four people were killed. This video emphasizes the necessity of proper training.


Video Length: 23:28

Video Author: USCSB