Free Confined Space PowerPoints

Here is a collection of free, public, confined space PowerPoints.  They may be helpful for your company permit required confined space entry training.

These materials are not owned or endorsed by Affordable Safety Training LLC.  Use them at your discretion.

Confined Spaces PowerPoint

 This mustache heavy presentation covers the OSHA requirements for Permit Required Confined Spaces.  It is a little light on the visuals (except for the mustaches) but it provides a solid overview.

Slides: 54

Author: OSHA

Confined Space Awareness PowerPoint

 This PowerPoint is great for refresher or awareness training.  It has some good photos, and is more focused on hazards than compliance.

Slides: 26

Author: OSHA

Permit Required Confined Space Entry PowerPoint

 Download Permit Required Confined Space Entry PowerPoint

This is a detailed overview of the regulatory requirements of Permit Required Confined Spaces.  It is better suited for business owners and supervisors.  It explains the regulations, but is light on hazard awareness,

Slides: 60

Author: OSHA Southwest Education Center

 Confined Space Entry PowerPoint

 Download Confined Space Entry PowerPoint

An overview of the Confined Space Entry requirement.  The presentation is a little cluttered but has good visuals.

Slides: 52

Author: State of Ohio