Free Confined Space Safety Training Videos

We have assembled a collection of videos that you can use for confined space awareness training.  For a confined space entry training program, policy, and forms, check out the Confined Space Compliance Kit.


No Escape: The Dangers of Confined Spaces - Chemical Safety Board

 This is the finest free confined space safety video you will find.  It is required viewing for any employer that has workers operating in permit required confined spaces.

Video Length: 15:36

Author: Chemical Safety Board


Confined Spaces: Deadly Places - WorkSafe BC

 This video is a great addition to any confined space training program.  It is especially good at highlighting the dangers of atmospheric contaminants.

Video Length: 12:56

Author: WorkSafeBC


Confined Spaces Rescue - Work SafeBC

 This video explains the importance of a confined space rescue plan.  Many employers focus on getting their employees into confined spaces safely, but do not have a plan for prompt rescue.

Video Length: 3:03

Author: WorkSafeBC


Confined Spaces: Safe Yesterday, Deadly Today - WorkSafeBC

 Spaces that were safe yesterday can be deadly today.  A great awareness video that shows how hazards can change with time.

Video Length: 3:25

Author: WorkSafeBC

Confined Spaces: Test To Live Video


This video explains the importance of testing for atmospheric hazards in confined spaces.

Video Length: 3:38

Author: WorkSafeBC