Construction sites are hazardous places. This is a collection of free construction safety Power Points that you can use for hazard awareness training.

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Safety Training for the Focus Four Hazards in the Construction Industry PowerPoint

This free PowerPoint presentation provides an excellent overview of the Focus Four Hazards in Construction. It is full of useful photos that explain the hazards, and teach employees how to prevent injuries.

Slides: 132

Author: OSHA

Download Safety Training for the Focus Four Hazards in the Construction Industry PowerPoint

 Construction Hazards PowerPoint

This free PowerPoint provides a summary of the construction hazards that may be present at each work site. This is a good awareness level training presentation.

Slides: 47

Author: Florida State College

Download Construction Hazards PowerPoint

 Health Hazards in Construction PowerPoint

This presentation is specific to the health hazards of construction work. Noise, chemicals, and hazardous substances are addressed.

Slides; 27

Author: OTIEC Outreach

Download Health Hazards in Construction PowerPoint

 OSHA Focus Four and Other Construction Hazards PowerPoint

This presentation covers the four most common hazards in construction. It provides good statistics, but is very short. It is good for a brief awareness or refresher training.

Slides: 23

Author: Southwest Safety Training Alliance

Download Focus Four & Other Construction Hazards PowerPoint

Caught In Hazards PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is specific to the "caught-in" hazards that exist on a construction sight. It is a good overview of this specific hazard type.

Slides: 41

Author: University of Puerto Rico

Download Caught In Hazards PowerPoint

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