Free Construction Safety Videos

Here is a collection of free construction safety videos for you to use.  These are great tools for safety meetings and general awareness training.

These videos are not owned or endorsed by Affordable Safety Training LLC.  Use them at your discretion.

Struck By Accidents In Construction Video - Vehicle Back Over Video


This video discusses an all-too-common accident on construction sites - vehicles backing over workers.  Learn the hazards and how to prevent them.

Video Length: 3:18

Author: OSHA

Strains and Sprains in Construction - Pulling Cables Video


This free video teaches workers how to avoid injuries will pulling cables.

Video Length: 2:47

Author: OSHA

 Sprains and Strains in Construction - Laying Stone Video


 This free video covers how to prevent stress and strain injuries while laying stone.

Video Length: 2:44

Author: OSHA

Carbon Monoxide in Construction - Gas Powered Equipment Video


 This free video teaches construction workers how safe techniques for managing the dangerous carbon monoxide exhaust of gas powered tools.

Video Length: 4:10

Author: OSHA