Free Construction Safety Videos for Training and Awareness

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Kelowna Roofing Firm Takes Safety to New Heights

Great video to explain how important safety is. This company completely turned around on their view of safety.

Video Length: 5:14

Video Author: WorkSafeBC

Struck By Accidents In Construction Video - Vehicle Back Over Video

This video discusses an all-too-common accident on construction sites - vehicles backing over workers. Learn the hazards and how to prevent them.

Video Length: 3:18

Author: OSHA

En Español

Strains and Sprains in Construction - Pulling Cables Video

This free video teaches workers how to avoid injuries when pulling cables.

Video Length: 2:47

Author: OSHA

En Español

Sprains and Strains in Construction - Laying Stone Video

This free video covers how to prevent stress and strain injuries while laying stone.

Video Length: 2:44

Author: OSHA

En Español

Carbon Monoxide in Construction - Gas Powered Equipment Video

This free video teaches construction workers safe techniques for managing the dangerous carbon monoxide exhaust of gas powered tools.

Video Length: 4:10

Author: OSHA

En Español

Ironworkers Memorial Bridge Tribute

A look at the tribute to the 19 men that died when the Second Narrows Bridge collapsed on June 17, 1958.

Video Length: 10:05

Video Author: WorkSafeBC

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