Here is a collection of free cranes and rigging safety PowerPoints. For a complete training kit that includes a customizable PowerPoint, safety plan, and forms, check out the Cranes and Slings Compliance Kit.

These materials are not owned or endorsed by XO Safety or Affordable Safety Training LLC. Use them at your discretion.

Cranes & Derricks PowerPoint

This PowerPoint goes into great detail of the OSHA standard.

Slides: 89

Author: Neal, Kuhn & Huffsteder, Inc.

Download Cranes & Derricks PowerPoint

Crane PowerPoint

This crane presentation has a good overview of the basics of crane safety and inspections.

Slides: 44

Author: United States Mine Rescue Association

Download Free Crane PowerPoint

Basic Rigging PowerPoint

This has a lot of great information necessary for safely rigging. It contains some very useful visuals.

Slides: 37

Author: United States Mine Rescue Association

Download Basic Rigging PowerPoint

Cranes PowerPoint

This PowerPoint provides detailed information on construction crane safety regulations.

Slides: 38

Author: OSHA Office of Training & Education

Download Cranes PowerPoint

Cranes and Slings Safety Training Compliance Kit

If you are looking for a great OSHA compliant training program for cranes and slings, this compliance kit has everything you need. It contains a PowerPoint® presentation, training documents, a hands-on evaluation and more!


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