Free Cranes and Rigging Safety Videos

Here is a collection of free cranes and rigging safety videos you can use for safety awareness training.

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These videos are not owned or endorsed by Affordable Safety Training LLC.  Use them at your discretion.

Crane Safety For Site Superintendents Video


This video covers the basic safety requirements for crane safety.  It is a good video for supervisors on construction sites with cranes.

Video Length: 8:10

Author: OSHA

Mobile Crane Failures: Why Maintenance and Inspections Are Critical Video


This video explains the importance of proper maintenance and inspections on mobile cranes.  It includes great visuals and animation.  A great tool for mobile crane safety awareness training.

Video Length: 4:09

Author: WorkSafeBC

Crane Fails, Rigger Struck Video


 This video details a crane accident that caused a rigger to be struck and killed.

Video Length: 2:07

Author: OSHA

Crane Boom Contacts Power Lines, Worker Electrocuted Video


A worker gets electrocuted when the boom of a crane contacts an energized power line.  A great case study to raise awareness of overhead power line hazards.

Video Length: 2:57

Author: OSHA

Truck Mounted Crane Crushes Rigger Video


A rigger gets struck between an outrigger and crane truck and is crushed.  A good video for basic hazard awareness training.

Video Length: 1:40

Author: OSHA

Crane Flips Over And Crushes House Video


 An alarming, yet humorous example of what happens when you don't know your mobile crane truck's load ratings.

Length: 1:12

Author: Unknown