Free Forklift Safety Videos

Welcome!  We've put together a collection of free forklift training videos.  These are great for safety meetings, refresher training, and just general awareness.  Questions about forklift training?  Please let us know.

Forklift Safety Training DVD

Check out Affordable Safety Training's  Forklift Safety Training DVD Compliance Kit.  Everything you need to train and certify operators at your facility.

Forklift Operator Training Requirements

Forklift Inspection Requirements

The Color of Danger - Forklift Safety Video


A great safety video by Caterpillar, in an eye catching retro fashion.

Length: 16:37

Author: Catepillar

Forklift Accidents

These videos are true stores of forklift accidents and fatalities.  These are excellent items to use in weekly safety meetings, or as part of forklift refresher training.

Forklift Crushes Worker

Young Forklift Operator Breaks His Back

Young Worker Falls From Forklift

What To Do If A Forklift Tips Over

Forklift Safety: Stay in the Cab, Stay Alive

 Never jump clear of a tipping forklift.  This video will teach employees what to do in the event of a forklift tip over.

Pedestrian Safety Around Forklifts

A great video explaining just how difficult it can be to see pedestrians while operating a forklift.

Forklift Fails

A collection of alarming forklift accidents that can be used to catch workers attention and improve awareness.

Warehouse Collapse

 The forklift bumps a shelf, and the entire warehouse collapses.

 Forklift Hits Fountain

 Forklift backs into a fountain and releases a tsunami.