Free Lockout Tagout PowerPoints

These free Lockout Tagout PowerPoints have been assembled for your use.  

These PowerPoints are not owned or endorsed by XO Safety.  Use them at your discretion.

Lockout Tagout PowerPoint

This PowerPoint covers the requirements of Lockout Tagout, as well as the procedures and work practices for the proper isolation of hazardous energy.  It's a little light on the photos, but it is a useful presentation.
Slides: 50
Author: OSHA Training Institute - Southwest Education Center

Energy Control Procedures - Lockout Tagout PowerPoint

This free PowerPoint focuses on the requirements for energy control procedures.  It includes the steps for Lockout Tagout, how to isolate hazardous energy, and the special rules for maintenance and adjustment.
Slides: 59
Author: Georgia Tech Research Institute

The Control of Hazardous Energy PowerPoint

This free Control of Hazardous Energy PowerPoint is a little jumbled, but has some good visuals.  It takes a deep dive into the regulatory requirements, so this one probably better suited for managers than regular employees.
Slides: 66
Author: OSHA

Lockout Tagout - Control of Hazarous Energy PowerPoint

A brief summary of the requirements of Lockout Tagout.  A guide tool for a quick review.
Slides: 34
Author: The Society of the Plastic Industry

California Lockout Blockout PowerPoint

 This free PowerPoint covers the Lockout Blockout requirements for the state of California.

Slides: 18

Author: Cal-OSHA Consultation Services