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Hazard Communication Training Kit

The Hazard Communication DVD Compliance Kit can be used to train and certify employees in house.

Only $199  - All Employees

Included Training Options

Hazard Communication Video

HazCom E-Learning Module

Hazard Communication E-Learning Module Introduction
Hazard Communication E-Learning Module Matching Question
HazCom E-Learning Module Safety Data Sheets
Hazard Communication E-Learning Module Multiple Choice Question

HazCom PowerPoint

Hazard Communication PowerPoint Slide Cover
Hazard Communication PowerPoint Slide Inhalation
Hazard Communication PowerPoint Slide Safety Data Sheets
Hazard Communication PowerPoint Slide Chemical Container Labels

Also Included

Hazard Communication Program

29 CFR 1910.1200(e) requires employers to have a written hazard communication program. The Hazard Communication DVD Compliance Kit includes a great template that you can customize easily.

Hazard Communication Program Table of Contents
Hazard Communication Program Labeling Policy
Hazard Communication Program Secondary Labeling Policy

Who Can Train Employees on Hazard Communication?

Who Can Train Employees on Hazard Communication?

The employer can designate an employee they feel is sufficiently knowledgeable to train employees. 29 CFR 1910.1200 - Hazard Communication does not list any specific required qualifications to train employee on HazCom.

However, the usual standard OSHA is someone who has the knowledge, training , and experience to identify hazards and teach employees how to manage them. We recommend designating your trainer with the included Trainer Designation Form.

Hazard Communication Train The Trainer Form

Does This Include GHS?

Does This Include The Globally Harmonized Standard (GHS)?

Yes. The training materials and the written Hazard Communication Program address the requirements of the Globally Harmonized Standard that was implemented in 2012.


The Hazard Communication DVD Compliance Kit includes the pictograms and a GHS label template.


Is The Hazard Communication Training OSHA Compliant?

Is the Hazard Communication Training OSHA Compliant?

Yes. The Hazard Communication Compliance Kit written to the training requirements of 29 CFR 1910.1200(h)(3). The video, e-learning module, and PowerPoint cover the required learning subjects, and the Hands On Certification Form will walk the trainer and employee through the work area specific requirements.


These training requirements are:

  1. Ways to detect the release of hazardous chemicals.
  2. The hazards associated with chemicals in the work area.
  3. Measures employees can use to protect themselves from chemical hazards.
  4. Details of the company hazard communication program.
Hazard Communication Certification Form
Hazard Communication Certification Form Signature Page

How Many Employees Can I Train?

How Many Employees Can I Train?

There is no limit. Once you purchase the Hazard Communication DVD Compliance Kit, you can use it for all your current and future employees.

A Supervisor Provides Hazard Communication Training To Employees


Online Hazard Communication Course

Get Certified with the Hazard Communication Online Course. This course is taught by a certified professional you can interact with.

Only $49

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