Driving Defensively Safely DVD

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When driving on or off the job other drivers can put you at risk. The Driving Defensively Safety DVD will teach you how to defend yourself against other drivers safely. Whether they are not paying attention, tailgating or speeding. 


 Driving Defensively Safety DVD Topics

  • The essential rules of defensive driving
  • Understanding distracted drivers
  • Know how to deal with aggressive drivers
  • The necessity of using your headlights
  • How to drive safe in bad weather
  • What to do if you have a blowout
  • Know how to share the road with buses and trucks
DVD Includes
  • DVD Length - 18 Minutes
  • Training Binder
  • Training Outline
  • Quiz & Answer Key
  • Training Certification
Computer Based Training Includes
  • Interactive Computer Based Training
  • Learning Management System
  • Student Enrollment, Tracking, and Testing
  • Scheduling and Reporting

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